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I'm Nicholas (cole) Crandall.

My main goal as your photographer is to truly capture your personality in some legit unique photos. I edit in a rich, yet smooth tone, and aim for a stunning - one of a kind - photo every time I am behind my camera.

I am glad you found your way to my page

HEYYYY! I am a wedding photographer based in Denver, CO. I am fully driven by my desire to meet individuals and create. I have always been involved in art in my life, even from a really young age, I did everything  from drawing portraits and selling them on Etsy to pottery to painting to duct tape wallets in middle school (LOL) to photography!

 I have always had an eye for a pop of color and creating a story within artwork. My desire to be a creative comes from my love of the Lord as He is the first creator. I have always been involved in music and art in the church and that is where I started to cultivate all of my skills. I was a theater kid in high school playing Beast in Beauty and The Beast and I played countless other roles (I also played tennis and soccer in high school!)

I have always loved bringing entertainment to other people's lives. I think that the arts bring people together in ways that many other things cannot. I love meeting new individuals and creating authentic connections. Photography is a creative outlet as well as a passion that I stated falling in love with in High School, (Iol now fast-forward).

Since then I have never put down my camera. I have traveled to Albania, Nepal, and Hawaii recently following the Lord throughout the world. I attended College at Colorado Christian University and studied Business Administration and Finance! Although take my word for it... I am far from a well dressed finance bro. I have taken what I have learned throughout college to further my business and experience in the services that I provide to my clients!

my background...

I started with taking portraits of all of my friends for their senior photos in a small town in Nebraska. I loved being able to create and curate a personalized gallery that showcased each individual and what they love. This passion began to develop and grow into the wedding business. There is a connection between two individuals that is so visual through wedding photography.

Through your wedding day I am doing more than just snapping photos. I am aiming to capture the intimate feelings shared between two people and everyone that loves them on their wedding day. I did my first wedding freshman year of college and I immediately fell in love with the craft of wedding photography. Since then I have taken pride in growing into what I produce today.

There is something so epic about looking back on your wedding gallery and I want you to be able to relive the emotions of the day through the art that we create. I am an extroverted introvert (ambivert!) this means that I recharge alone but I love being with people and having a party! I want to be your FRIEND and your CHAMPION on your wedding day and throughout the whole process.

 It is so important to me that your story is told in the most authentic way through a priceless gallery. So if you are a crazy cool lover with a desire to be different and fun, then please know you are in the right place. I want to create a one of a kind experience for each client I work with. So please, be yourself, have fun, be weird, and let's make some freaking art together- but we can start with a coffee :) 


A peek into what makes me, me.

Who motivates me?

Do I like coffee?

Why do I shoot and edit the way I do?

How do I relax, and clear my mind?

Favorite Hobbies?

I am the type of person who loves to pick up a new hobby to throw myself into and learn all the time. I do have some consistent hobbies, I love to paint, workout, thrift, and watch a good show. One of my favorite shows is actually The Voice, I know, lol its my guilty pleasure. I also like to cook and bake when I have a good recipe! 

Do. I. Like. Coffee. I know it's Cliché, but I do love coffee. I actually worked in a coffee shop for almost 5 years and I loved it so much. I actually used to hate coffee, but now I will never turn down an iced almond milk latte.. unless it is past 4 p.m... The only exception to that is a wedding day, I will take all the caffeine on a wedding day.. including Redbull!! I used to think fast food coffee was bad.. but I am on a huge Dunkin kick.. I know another guilty pleasure.

I shoot in the style I do because I love color. Personally I also hate looking like or having the same thing as someone else. That is why I have a distinct style, but that style reflects in a true tone way the beauty of the day without washing it into the same tone as all my other couples. I want your story to be creative, out of the box, colorful, and unique. I want to create something just with you for you. Something that one you instagram feed is not going to scream oh theres another wedding with the same edit. I want you to have your look you planned for your wedding!

There are a couple ways, but honestly, one of my favorites is music. Specifically worship music, if you saw my Spotify wrapped you might be surprised! With a total of 121,810 minutes listened to... that is more than 99% of people in the U.S. andddd 90% of that music was worship music. Now do not let that fool you too much, I am always down to get down to almost any music. I listen to country, indie pop, pop, hip-hop, and all of the above. And I will bust down your dance floor, do not even worry. When I am not trying to relax, I am trying to have fun- and we WILL have fun. And if I am trying to relax, there will be music, a good book, and likely a glass of wine.

There are a couple people who motivate me. A Short list is my mom and dad, Carrie Durning, Lauren Pippin, and the Lord. My parents have always been my biggest supporters, cheering me on and giving me advice through everything life and business. My dad is a business owner and I have always known I wanted the same thing in life. This job has been a dream come true. Carrie was a dear friend through life that encouraged me photographer to photographer, she passed in 2022 but her friendship continues to inspire me to create for the Lord. Lauren Pippin is another photographer in Denver that truly is a champion by my side and has helped me develop my business into what it is today. And lastly, and most importantly my relationship with God has truly been the only thing that allows me to creative and be so freely in love with this business by giving me a solid rock to rely on.